Apple asking developers for larger iOS 7 icons

It has emerged that Apple appears to be seeking larger Home Screen icons from developers in the run up to the release of iOS 7.


In an email discovered by 9to5 Mac, Apple is seen asking developers to supply images of 57 x 57 and 120 x 120. The second value represents the Home Screen icon, on iOS 6, this is only 114 x 114. Likewise, the iPad icons measure 152 x 152,slightly larger than iOS 6’s 144 x 144. You can check out the nifty gif. below to see this illustrated.



The news is a clear sign that Apple is continuing to push its iOS 7 preparations ahead of the release, which will most likely occur alongside the announcement of the new iPhone(s) on September 10.

The slightly altered icons is just one of a whole host of design changes to iOS, alongside several brand new features such as Control Center and redesigned multitasking.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • I wonder if this news also is to help with a future iOS device with a new resolution. Maybe yet another larger iPhone next year?

  • ValanChan

    A bigger screen doesn’t really need a larger icon.
    As in the iphone5 the ppi stayed the same although the screen size got larger.
    Maybe a smaller screen with a higher ppi?

  • iPhone needs more than this to compete with Android

  • @ValanChan  @JerenYun True, it doesn’t require that. I’m just wondering if there is another device coming with a slightly different PPI that warranted the change. Though it’s subtle enough that it could just be for iOS 7.