STM Skinny for iPad mini – The ultra-thin, well formed and sturdy folio case [Review]

When it comes to cases and bags, few companies approach it with as much care, attention and thought as STM. The company’s product portfolio may not be the most expansive, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for with quality.

It was with the expectation of greatness that I approached the STM Skinny folio style case for iPad mini. As you can probably guess from its name, the case is ridiculously thin. The rear plastic shell is little more than 1mm thin, and the added fabric covering and front cover are similarly skinny. Inside is lined with a luxurious microfiber which has a deeper grain than most case linings, giving it a soft almost sumptuous texture. As with all cases, the cutouts in the rear shell leave just the right amount of room for important functions and buttons.

It has to be said, if there was a prize for the folio case which added the least amount of bulk, the Skinny would win it hands down. But it’s not just its thin profile that makes it appealing. The attention to detail on the finishing means it fits perfectly, with barely any margin for error. There’s no overlapping of the front cover, or slight gaps between the edges. It covers the tablet as well as anything I’ve reviewed in the past.

Keeping it shut is a useful tab and loop system, which hold well thanks to the rough texture of the fabric. This feature comes in extra handy when using it in stand mode as it provides a secure fixing point for the cover when doubled back on itself.

There is one negative, and it could well be the compromise made deliberately by STM to ensure the fit and finish was perfect when closed. The choice of materials and stiffness of the cover means that it can’t – without unnecessary struggle – be folded completely backwards on itself. I found trying to hold the iPad in landscape for gaming, or portrait for reading/browsing to be difficult and any excessive force started to deform the shape and compromise its structural integrity.

Apart from that, there’s nothing wrong with it. The Skinny is a light weight, thin and well made case which suits the iPad mini’s size and frame down to the ground. Check out the product in more detail over on STM’s product page. Price wise, you’re looking at $35/£35 on Amazon in the U.S. and UK respectively.

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