Samsung’s latest jab at Apple’s iPhone is just plain… weird [video]

By now we’re all used to Samsung’s advertising tactics when it comes to the Galaxy range of smartphones. It essentially includes mocking Apple’s iPhone for a feature it doesn’t have, or people standing in line waiting to buy one. The latest however, is not obviously funny or clever like any of the others. It aired in Iceland, and is embedded below:

If I could describe the ad in one word: Weird. In more than one word, I’d say poorly conceived, poorly acted and really, really weird. The general gist is that Siri doesn’t speak Icelandic yet, as you can clearly see from the imagery of a guy, standing on a hill, trying to speak to an Apple. Considering the budget Samsung spends on advertising every year, you’d expect them to agree to something a lot better than this.


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  • Sgmaybe1964

    TodaysiPhone they have t resort to these tactics because that’s all they have.

  • KEVOzWorld

    You know, I don’t think some of these people realize that if the iPhone was so terrible and irrelevant, then why does every company feel the need to constantly mock or compare their newest phone to it?

  • Face

    After using the S4, he still couldn’t resist the apple. That right Samsung, experience the deliciousness of APPLE! iPhone rules!

  • jamescharley22

    To me, it’s about a stranded, delirious man who finds a PIECE OF PLASTIC then stumbles upon four strangers and a goat.  I’m assuming the goat’s been named Samsung and the dance crew is Galaxy S4?

  • rhymiZ

    I’m not a fan of Apple’s iPhones, but this is just weird… lol

  • officialpageofS

    TodaysiPhone Ummm what the hell!!!!!

  • KierreHodges

    TodaysiPhone stoooopid!

  • Walkerr

    Samsung steals the iPhone idea to made their own phone

  • jrpetersjr

    It’s weird for americans…there’s a possibility that this is an amazing commercial in Iceland.

  • AlanMoncada

    This was ignorant. This ad Isn’t meant for people here in the US to view. you can say over half of everything on japanese programing is just plain weird, but thats because its not meant for us.