Perfect Fit Hard Shell for iPhone 5 – Finally someone got the snap-on shell exactly right [Review]

Rear shells, or snap-on cases are a dime a dozen. The market is flooded with them, and so it’s very easy to understand why there’s almost an indifferent approach to buying them. Seen one plastic shell, seen them all. Right?


I reviewed Perfect Fit’s screen protectors a little while back, and found them to be the easiest to apply correctly, thanks to the awesome plastic applicator included in the packaging. So I knew the company made great screen protectors, but I was still a little dubious when they approached me to review their Hard Shell for iPhone 5. In my mind I was prepared to take a look, be critical, point out its strengths and weaknesses and stick in the box with all my other reviewed iPhone cases. But boy was I surprised.

From the outside, and without looking closely it looks like a regular slim case. Frosted transparent plastic covers the rear of your iPhone, where rubberized floss surrounds the edges. And its with this combination of materials that I believe Perfect Fit has got it absolutely bang on. The frosted plastic has a really great, almost soft, texture making it a pleasure to hold. But unlike its glossy plastic rivals, it doesn’t look cheap and tacky, and scratches don’t show up easily. Rubberized floss was a stroke of genius too. Not only does form a tight seal around the edges of your iPhone, but it also has a grippy, almost sticky, texture making slips and drops less likely.

Each port, speaker and camera has been catered for too with individually crafted cutouts that perfectly surround the microphone and speaker grilles as well as the Lightning port, rear camera, flash and mute switch. And, taking inspiration from the original iPhone 4 bumper, the volume and power buttons are covered by ‘buttons’ crafted in to the rubber material. But, unlike the rest of the rubberized floss, they’re raised and texturized to differentiate them perfectly from the rest. As you may know by now, I hate cases where buttons aren’t easily press-able,  and yet again, Perfect Fit has excelled and created button coverings that allow for a really natural response.

You must be wondering by now what negatives there might be, and for the first time ever, I haven’t found any flaws. Sure, I could complain that it doesn’t protect your iPhone as much as an Otterbox armor, or that the screen is exposed. But that’d be pointless. A rear snap-on shell of this kind needs to have a few key properties in my mind. It has to be slim, almost undetectable, it has to be light, easy to apply and remove, fit well and not get in the way of button or port access. It has all of those, and without any obvious compromises.

If you’re looking for a stylish and minimal shell-type case, I cannot recommend it enough. If you’re worried about your screen, add one of Perfect Fit’s screen protectors to your order while you’re at it. I love this case, and have finally found a rear shell that I want to have on my phone all the time. It’s fantastic.

The Perfect Fit Hard Shell is available in black or white from

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