Packaging for budget “iPhone 5C” pictured

iPhone 5C Packaging

The rumored upcoming budget iPhone has been leaked numerous times over the past few weeks. Just last week we saw leaks of the rear shell of the device, and even compared it to the current iPhone 5. Today, there’s a new leak and this time it comes in the form of a box. The retail packaging for the budget iPhone, or iPhone 5C as it’s been dubbed, has leaked online.

The new picture shows the upcoming budget iPhone will come in a plastic box similar to that of the iPod touch packaging currently available. The device, which is rumored to be announced September 18th, will be similar to the iPhone 5, just with a plastic rear casing rather than the current glass and aluminum design.

In addition to the retail packaging, the new image also shows off the name for the budget iPhone, which will apparently be called the iPhone 5C. The “C” will not stand for “cheap”, but rather for “color” as the device is expected to ship in many different colors.

The iPhone 5C should be a device to watch, because it could take away sales from other cheaper Android devices, and help Apple grow in emerging markets. The one concern I have is the name iPhone 5C could be confusing to some consumers. If the name is correct, Apple will be selling the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C all at the same time, and it could be tough for some consumers to differentiate between the brands. What do you think about the name? Do you think iPhone 5C is the smart choice for Apple? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Source:WeiPhone (translated)

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  • RetinaPixel

    Yeah, three different names. Numbers and letters and stuff! I’ll never get my head round that!

  • lean6rtj2

    You just have to know that the “C” will become known as the “iPhone 5 Cheap.” They were going to have to be delicate enough with spinning an economy iPhone without adding fuel to the fire.

  • TiP_Cam

    @RetinaPixel I hope that’s sarcasm? What would you rather have, a Galaxy inspired plethora of different names? ;-)

  • markdemaio

    My guess is the next iPhone is going to be the 6, then the 5C and the 4S. APPLE is letting all of these images leak out to divert attention from the real surprise…iPhone6! This is just my own theory.

  • Johnny johns

    iPhone 5C, “C” as in “Crap”.

  • PeterFutter

    5C is a terrible name. Surely it would make sense to follow suit from one of apples biggest success’s the App Store. If the new phone is going to be a slightly stripped down version of the 5, plastic case, 5mp camera, slower a5 chip then it should be called the “iPhone Lite” and the new upgraded phone with the better camera, faster a6 chip etc.. Should be called the “iPhone Pro” not only does it sound better than 5C & 5S but it helps take away the whole number issue plus it stops all confusion between them.

  • Jack__Jack

    @TiP_Cam  @RetinaPixel I wonder what naming system would confuse people more:
    iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C;
    Samsung Note, Samsung S4, Samsung Zoom.
    Most people don’t say Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, just Samsung S4 mini, or Samsung mini.

  • victoriaPOW

    If they are calling it the 5C then I would expect the high end model to be realised as the iPhone 6 as to avoid confusion between the different models on sale.

  • Mariotrip420

    I doubt that they will go with the numbered nomenclature that they have done in the past, however I see them going the route they took with the iPad taking the number out and just calling it the “new” iPhone. The numbers can only go so far before it starts to get really confusing. As it is it is already confusing because the iPhone 5 is really the 6th generation, I worked for apple retail for a while and customers always confused the iPhone 3G as being the 3rd phone when it was really the 2nd and the 3GS being the real 3rd iPhone. The only iPhone that’s number has ever really said which generation it was is the iPhone 4, so it just makes sense to toss the numbers out and just have a new iPhone every year and take the one from the year before and call it the iPhone C (for color) for the cheaper alternative. Now if they do this then the older phones with numbers have to go so I expect that the 5, 4S and 4 will be tossed out next year making room for the 5C, C and new iPhone just makes a little more sense and less confusion for the customers. Yet I could be wrong, I just feel this is a good way to drop the number confusion.

  • acharlest

    It makes sense to call it the iPhone 5C. HTC dubs their budget devices with a C at the end. I could see where Apple is going with this. To be honest, I think I’d upgrade from my 4 to it. I do not prefer metal phones. they scratch way too easily and I get too OCD about my Apple devices.

  • WadeMauger

    @Mariotrip420 while I agree that the correlation between title and iteration may be confusing, iteration imho is irrelevant to the consumer. So long as the commercials say “iPhone 5S”, and the sign out front has it in big letters, consumers will respond and look for that. The pattern of number, number + s, number, number + s seems to have been accepted as main stream, and most consumers get the idea. The ‘new iPhone’ is vague, and gives no branding difference between products. What comes next, the ‘next new iPhone’? With the acception of enthusiasts, nobody would notice. Not to sound trollish, I just disagree with the branding they’ve chosen for the iPad, tho it seems to work well for their macs. Trying to remember the release year? Just easier to brand with a version.

  • WadeMauger

    @PeterFutter I like the idea of calling it pro, it would match the mac lineup. Maybe even call the lite one ‘air’, to avoid associating it with the low-quality apps in the app store labeled lite. Although, if you’re going to call a phone pro, I would almost expect a physical keyboard, cant put my finger on why, just feels right.

  • Antonio DmYa

    @TiP_Cam  @RetinaPixel I hope you are being sarcastic too, Cam. According to you, it seems most people are too stupid to differentiate between 3 futuristic models. In some way I prefer Samsung’s broad names. I can’t imagine having an iPhone 20 someday.

  • TiP_Cam

    @Jack__Jack  @RetinaPixel The fact that “most people” say that shows that they’re confused. Galaxy S4 Mini, Zoom, Active, Galaxy Prevail, Note, tab 1,2,3 in 8 and 10.1 varieties… it’s far more confusing. That’s exactly why people might say Samsung Mini, or Galaxy Mini, because the list is so long.

  • flippadollars

    I just found some really cool iphone 5 cases on Amazon that was about half the cost that I saw in the mall: – I bought three.

  • How come nobody is talking about this? Just wanted to let you know that both iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are already available for pre-order in China in a wholesale electronics vendor website.
    You can check it out in our blog, as our two last posts verse about this:

    We don’t know why they did this..but it’s a fact. Maybe the workers from Foxconn are starting to say ‘It’s enough’…for us it looks like a pressure maneuver at the guys from Cupertino