Lawsuit over App Store name ended by Apple and Amazon


It appears as if Apple is trying to work its way out of some of its lawsuits. It was announced today that Apple and Amazon have ended their battle over the right to use the App Store/Appstore name.

A judge today ordered that the case be closed at the request of both companies. Apple recently told Amazon that it was dropping its complaint, and therefore there was no reason for Amazon to fight for a counterclaim. The companies have come to the agreement that both companies can use the App Store or Appstore name for the market for apps for either iOS devices or Android devices.

Apple’s App Store began nearly five years ago for its iDevices, while Amazon’s Appstore is just over two years old. It is good to see that two big technology companies can get along and work things out without needing a judge to make a ruling for them. I’m glad to see that Apple and Amazon have worked out their issues, because I for one believe that the term “app store” is so generic that it would’ve been tough for Apple to win the argument anyway. What do you think? Are you glad they worked out their differences and agreed to both use the name? Leave a comment below!

Source: Reuters

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  • App Store is different from Appstore. Its too obvious. For me, the said agreement could be beneficial to both companies as it would help them in terms of sales through the apps. I’m happy of the result of the said lawsuit and that it was dismissed before it grows bigger and harder to solve.