iOS 7 Beta 4 adds new API for screenshot detection, solves Snapchat problem

Screenshot Detection

For developers (or those of you that aren’t developers) that are running iOS 7 beta on their devices, it was brought to light in the second beta version of iOS 7 that Apple now allowed active touches during screenshots. This means that you can actually take a screenshot while having your finger on the screen, and it won’t cancel out what you’re doing. For example, the image at the top shows me pulling the home screen to the right, and taking a screenshot. If you try that very same trick in iOS 6, it will cancel out the finger press, and will just take a screenshot of the home screen. Because of this new feature, however, Apple introduced an unintentional issue: Snapchat could no longer detect screenshots. The app depends on the unrecognized finger touch to close out the image, and detect a screenshot. This meant that users could screenshot a snap, and it wouldn’t tell the sender. This caused a big privacy concern for Snapchat users.

Fortunately (or unfortunately if you’re trying to be secretive about your screenshots), Apple has built in a new API for developers in iOS 7 Beta 4 that will allow for screenshot detection, fixing the issue with Snapchat. It will be up to Snapchat to implement the new API when iOS 7 is released, but until then, iOS 7 users can still slyly screenshot any snap they would like. Fortunately, Apple is still allowing presses to register when taking screenshots, allowing for images like the one above!

What do you think about this new screenshot feature? Does it make a difference to you? Are you glad that Apple has built in an API to fix the issue for developers? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

Source: iDownload Blog

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