Instagram updated, includes Cinema support, better landscape support


Users of Facebook’s Instagram app for iPhone should check the App Store for updates. The popular image sharing app has been updated to include a few new features. One of the most notable new features is new support for landscape orientation, which now allows users to capture photos or videos while in landscape mode.

In addition to landscape mode, the app has also included Cinema support for the front facing camera. The new feature provides stabilization during video recording. The feature was introduced along with the video capturing feature, but until now it was only available on the rear camera for iPhones. Now, the new stabilization feature is available on the front facing camera as well.

Although I don’t use Instagram very often, I do know many that love the app. I personally love the app, and adding new features to the popular social networking app shows continued support for users. Check out the full changelog below, and head on over to the App Store to get the update!

What’s New in Version 4.0.2

– Take photos or record video holding the Instagram camera in landscape orientation – Support for Cinema using front-facing cameras – Many other improvements and bug fixes

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