Easter egg allows caching of offline maps in Google Maps for iOS

Following the update of Google Maps for iOS yesterday, it has become apparent that it is now possible to cache maps for offline use.

This can be done by simply selecting an area of a map that you wish to save (too large an area will not work). Once you’ve selected your area, head into the search field, and type “ok maps”. By hitting search, you’ll be able to download your offline map. As confirmation, you’ll get the Google Maps icon onscreen briefly, then a black bar at the bottom of the screen with the message “The onscreen map has been cached”.

Google Maps iPad

Once saved, you can access the map by simply navigating to the location you’ve saved, so dropping a pin, or noting down the location might be a useful idea. The trick is a fantastic way to use maps working outside of an internet connection, on a Wi-Fi only device, or in a built up area where your signal isn’t perhaps as strong as usual.

The trick will also save on data usage, and roaming if you’re in a foreign location.



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  • miladkhahil

    Where is the cache stored at ?!?
    In case you want to delet it …