Budget iPhone photos and iPad 5 schematics leaked [Rumor]

Following word that Foxconn has already started shipping a budget iPhone, several leaks have surfaced today, purporting to be shots of the budget iPhone’s casing, along with schematics for an “iPad 5”.


The iPhone shots appeared on the WeiPhone forums today. They appear to show a plasticky iPhone backing, complete with camera, flash, Apple logo and the “iPhone” label. The cases are very similar to two links from NowhereElse, who also added a red and yellow case to the green already leaked.


All 3 leaked casings look suspiciously like 9to5 Mac’s mock-up of a budget iPhone, released earlier this year. Furthermore, none of the leaks show the casing with the “Designed by Apple in California…” paraphernalia that we would expect to see beneath an iPhone label.


Despite that, the inside of the cases look fairly convincing, with all the expected fittings, so these could possibly be the real deal. If it’s true that Foxconn has already begun shipping the budget iPhone, then there’s no reason why an insider couldn’t get their hands on these.

Alongside the iPhone leaks are the purported schematics of the iPad 5. They seem to conform to the facelifted design of the iPad mini, suggesting that the next iPad will be very similar to the iPad mini. ipad-5-vs-ipad-4-vs-ipad-mini

A new full sized iPad based around the iPad mini’s design would make it substantially thinner than the current 4th generation iPad, and likely much lighter too. It would make a lot of sense to see a new iPad based around the much improved design of the iPad mini. The iPad 5 would be thinner, lighter, and conform to the new design of Apple’s next generation of mobile devices, which have moved away from glass, towards the arguably sleeker slate/aluminum form factor.

With Fall fast approaching, it’s only natural that these rumors will continue to build in frequency and intensity until these products are either released, or the internet is convinced otherwise.

Until then, continue to take these with a pinch of salt, but know that the internet chatter points to some very exciting Apple products later this year!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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