Apple employees reminded to keep quiet regarding iOS 7


Following news that Apple has released the iOS 7  Beta preview to all of its employees, it has today emerged that Apple has had to warn store employees about showing the updated iOS before its release. Managers within retail stores are apparently concerned regarding some of their staff signing up to developer accounts and sharing iOS 7 with their colleagues which isn’t strictly allowed.

Apple’s official rules state that employees may not load a beta version of iOS on their device unless a registered developer. Apple has also stated that they may not load iOS beta software onto another device. The policy states the following:

“You may not load iOS beta software onto any other person’s iOS device. Employees are not authorized to receive iOS beta software from any third parties, even if those third parties are iOS Developer Program members.”

Employees have also been threatened with dismissal if they show customers devices running iOS 7 before its release. As noted by 9to5Mac:

“Apple Retail management and Human Resources, we’re told by a few employees, is being “super strict” about demonstrating iOS 7 to employees via an employee phone with iOS 7 beta. “We could get fired for showing a customer iOS 7 on our phones because of the Apple Developer NDA agreement,” one employee told us.”

Apple’s infamous exclusivity meant that a tight reign on iOS 7 was inevitable during its beta stages as is customary with any beta release. It just goes to show that our favorite fruit company is almost definitely “doubling down on secrecy” as it said it would.


Via: 9to5Mac


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  • Mike2213211

    Yeah because that’s such a big fricken deal. It’s not like Apple hasn’t shown off what iOS 7 look like or what the new features are. I love Apple, but that is such a stupid policy.