1Password update rectifies iOS 7 beta issues

As many of you may know, 1Password suffered a fairly crippling onslaught of bugs when used in conjunction with the iOS 7 beta, a new update released today has been released to rectify those issues.


Version 4.2.2 brings “many enhancements” for users running the Beta, which should really improve the 1Password experience on iOS 7. Whilst many apps are prone to bugs and glitches when used with a Beta it’s good to see developers taking the time to fix these.

Alongside the iOS 7 functionality improvements is improved VoiceOver searching support. Other fixes based on user reports include resolving crashes when scrolling 1Browser tabs, and various other fixes.

Whilst a little pricey at $17.99, 1Password is a phenomenal security solution, allowing you to store all of your most important information in a secure location, whilst even generating secure passwords for various services that you use.

Now, 1Password’s functionality whilst running on iOS 7 Beta should hopefully be much improved. If any of you are running 1Password on the beta, we would love to get your feedback on the update, and whether it has improved the apps performance. Leave a comment below, or hit me up on Twitter @TiP_Stephen

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