Top 5 Stories This Week: iOS 7 hidden features, Samsung mocked and turning iOS 6 in to iOS 7

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WWDC 2013 hype is dying down and the back end of this week was mostly about Samsung’s event in London. But that hasn’t stopped the Apple flavored stories from coming in. There’s been a great mix, and for the first time in ages, concepts haven’t been on the agenda. (As always, headlines are links to the original articles.)

1.iOS 7 Preview: Hidden Features [VID]

By far the most popular article of this past week. In fact, possibly the most popular article this year. Jake highlights some of the less obvious differences in iOS 7. If you missed it when it went live on Monday, now’s you’r chance to check it out. There are some great little improvements in there.

2.Cool maps show location of iPhone and Android users, makes wealthy areas easy to find

A really interesting article featuring a satellite map using different colored markers to show iOS and Android users by location in a city. Rather incredibly, it matched perfectly with the wealth divide. Android users were more prevalent in less wealthy areas, whereas the iPhone was being used predominantly in the more affluent parts of town.

3.Screenshots show iOS 7 running on an iPad, big improvement on iOS 5/6 [Photos]

We’ve all seen iOS 7 running on an iPhone, but Apple is yet to release the beta for testing on iPads. So, it’s with no surprise that a couple of screenshots attained by some digging in Apple’s own files made the headlines this week. I for one cannot wait to see it in the flesh.

4.Samsung called out in parody video

Right at the outset of the opening keynote for WWDC 2013 Apple showed an awesome, minimal and eye-catching video describing the process that goes in to making anything at Cupertino. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to use the same format to have a dig at Apple’s biggest rival.

5.Use Cydia tweaks to turn iOS 6 into iOS 7!

Lastly, if you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 6, there’s a good chance you don’t want to get rid of all your tweaks to try out a beta software. Thankfully, you don’t have to. There are tweaks in Cydia which – when combined – give a great iOS 7-like experience.

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