Samsung called out in parody video

You may have seen Apple’s bouncy, artsy video about innovation and product creation from this year’s WWDC keynote. It basically reiterates everything that all of the company’s heartfelt commercials do – that Apple really cares, and that it wants to make products that change peoples lives, yada yada yada.

Well, today there’s a video circulating that parodies Apple’s WWDC video, and it’s pretty good. The concept is what Apple’s video would have looked like if it was made by Samsung. It basically calls Samsung out for copying Apple and aiming for success and profit, even at the cost of lawsuits, unhappy customers, and a flooded market. The situation certainly isn’t as black and white as this video makes it out to be (get it? Cause the video is black and white?!) but it’s funny nonetheless. Check out Apple’s original video (below) to get some context on the parody (above).

Via: The Loop

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  • Face

    Well that about sums it up! Shame on Samesong. Lol

  • jabombardier

    Wow. That was funny.

  • WissamAntoun

    I think that apple is trying the samsung method by copying android & windows phone!!! Hahah

  • valvolux2

    The galaxy s1 slightly resembled the iPhone 1 in hardware sure. Android never resembled iOS…unless using icons is copying? Since then, every galaxy s product had made real advances in hardware and software to the point it is so far more advanced than any iPhone that apple is copying. But it seems that apple can’t even get the one thing that is similar in the phones…the icons. They have stuffed it up so badly that all the things they copied from android seem irrelevant and messy, and they are the best things the iPhone has going for it. Enjoy your gingerbread/froyo like features, 3 years late though. Hopefully you enjoy the my little pony theme they took 2 years to create.

  • jabombardier

    @WissamAntoun lol well always remember that apple was the influence. And to be honest. Apple still isn’t copying Samsung. Apple will never do a Touchwiz-esque style. However some feature cues have bean borrowed from ANDROID. And some features IOS 7 has that android doesn’t. Mainly where the OS learns your most used apps. Then android will implement that later. And it will be all good.

  • jabombardier

    @valvolux2 android never looked like iOS but the first Touchwiz on the first Galaxy S line did look like iOS down to the design of the app icons. Now what is apple copying from android? I am looking at my nexus 7 and they are nothing alike in the operation still. I don’t count the notification bar, and I don’t count the new quick menu settings pop up in iOS 7. But if it is those small things you count, then remember that android has copied the apps folder that iOS has.

  • tkh_tech

    @valvolux2 and android copied from Microsoft. Go google it yourself. Remember, this is about Samsung, not Android. The same Samsung that never whim a single word of “Android” during their S4 launch. Now Apple, next, Google. Watch Samsung bite the hand that feed it.

  • jjobustos

    How can samsung even think of saying that apple is Cloning the competition, when we all know that since 2007 with the first iPhone, every fucken company started imitating it??