Nokia’s new Zombie ad portrays iPhone users as mindless, or does it? [video]

Embedded above you’ll see the latest Nokia Lumia ad. Synopsis: An awesome guy with a Lumia 925 is walking through the streets at night and is horrified by mindless zombie masses taking pictures, using the LED flash on the back of an iPhone.

In and of itself, the ad is quite frankly terrible. Products sold on ads should be given more screen time, and yet the Lumia barely appears at all. In fact, it probably spends as much time on screen as the iPhone being used to snap the red-eye shots of pale-faced night crawlers.

But, with many Apple blogs jumping straight for the “Nokia thinks iPhone users are zombies” thing, I’m coming at it from a different angle. The main focus here is not the phone the zombie is using, it’s what he’s doing with it. How many night time shots of parties have you seen on your Facebook feed? Yes, I hate them too, but millions of people do it, and not all of them have iPhones. This ad is all about the camera, and that it doesn’t need the flash. Unlike Samsung ads directly at Apple, Nokia chooses the iPhone to represent everyone who doesn’t have a Lumia. After all, it is the most popular phone on the planet. It’s a symbol of generalization, not a specific attack on “iSheep” (or iZombies) in this case.

Think of it this way, if it was a direct jab at the iPhone, it would have spent more time on screen. And it wouldn’t be completely out of focus. Ad Message: If you’ve not got a Lumia for taking lowlight shots, you’re doing it wrong. Not: If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re a zombie.

So, rest assured fellow Apple fans, Nokia doesn’t hate you.

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  • Face

    Guess what? I have an iPhone. I’m one of the coolest zombies on the planet.

  • robmxa

    Not really, iPhone and cool have parted ways.

  • Face

    @robmxa Only to be reunited.

  • Gadsgtt

    Sold my iCrap years ago

  • jabombardier

    Whatever Nokia. iPhone works for me best. Definitely Not android, not windows phone, not blackberry. And if you are talking about camera performance, that’s the least if my worries on a smartphone. I use an SLR to take real pictures.