iPhone 5 finally makes its way to Virgin Mobile US, $549 off-contract


Only 2 years ago, the question of iPhones on multiple platforms was more of a “when will it happen?” Nowadays, in the US, the correct question is more likely to be “how many more can it be available on?” With the days of AT&T exclusivity long gone, it seems every carrier – whether regional or prepaid – wants a slice of Apple.

Perhaps the largest of the minor MVNOs yet to carry the iconic device was Virgin Mobile US. That was, before today. The prepaid network operator has just announced plans to start offering the iPhone 5. For $549 you’ll be able to buy a contract-free 16GB iPhone 5. 32GB and 64GB versions are available, but they’ll set you back $649 and $749 respectively. It’ll be available from June 28th.

The likelihood of a huge impact on iPhone sales is very slim, instead, this is more about carriers now needing to jump aboard the iPhone bandwagon in a bid to survive in an incredibly competitive environment. If you don’t mind coughing up the cash at checkout, the long term advantages to going prepaid are clear to see. For instance, Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk plans start from as little as $35 per month and offer unlimited messaging and unlimited 3G/4G LTE data. And, if you want to save a little more, sign up to automatic monthly payments and save $5 each month.


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  • DarrenButz

    If only they had a trade in program for people like me who use a 4S on VM. I just bought it on Black Friday and now there’s this. I expected this to happen though.

  • 12.Bryce

    I bought the 4S on VM last July. Only way I could afford to get the iPhone, but the terrible and often spotty 3G with speeds not even reaching 2mpb/s are almost not worth it. I am scared to see what their 4G is like.