iOS 7 Preview: Weather [VID]

The weather application in preview iOS releases has always been ugly and I never used it. With that being said I kept an open mind when trying the default weather client in iOS 7. I must say I was happily surprised by its overall look and performance. The user interface follows the rest of iOS 7, being clean and light looking. Inside the weather application you are greeted with the current conditions and temperature in your local area. Continuing down into the application you can see the hourly forecast for the day ahead followed by a 5 day forecast showing the expected conditions and high/low temperature for the day. The cherry on top of the default weather application is the beautiful animations that occur on the screen depending the current weather in your area.


One part of the default weather application which proves very handy is the pinch-in feature which allows you to pull up an overview screen of all the locations you are tracking and allows you to see the current conditions in all of those places. This comes in handy for me because I am always curious of what the weather is at my parents’ house and in my favorite vacation spot.


When it comes to the default weather application and its visual design I have no complaints at all. However I do have some usage complaints about the applications and they have been the same complaints from previous years and that is the lack of severe weather alerts and no maps. Currently I have the weather channel application also downloaded just in case any kind of sever weather rolls through because I cannot rely on the default application to tell me anything other than the current conditions and future weather. I understand that Apple is just offering you a basic weather application by why should it be basic anymore? it’s 2013. The Apple weather application is powered by Yahoo!, yet it offers so little. Yahoo offers weather maps on their website, why not in the Apple application? These are just the questions I ask.

Overall I am happy with the look and feel of the weather application. It’s very light and gorgeous just like the rest of iOS 7’s user interface. However looks are not all that matters. Its actual functionality and features are lacking and are areas I would like to see Apple approve on. Until then I will be using 3rd party weather applications when I need actual weather information other than the temperature and forecast.

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  • Ibroken

    It’s always wrong. How when it’s powered by the weather channel can it have a 9 degree difference than the weather channel app? Who cares about a new GUI if it’s still always wrong?