iOS 7 bug allows apps to be put inside Newsstand

A new bug as been discovered in iOS 7, and it is something that was found to work a while back in iOS 6, however it is much easier in iOS 7 than it ever was on iOS 6. In iOS 7, it is possible (via a bug, this most likely isn’t meant to be a feature), to put applications in Newsstand. All you have to do is simply drag and drop them on top of Newsstand. Really, it’s that simple, just watch the video above. As with most bugs though, this probably won’t make it to the final version, and will may even be gone by the next beta. And now that you can put unlimited apps in a folder, there isn’t much of a need for this sort of trick, it is always fun to do something that shouldn’t actually happen, though.

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Via: AppAdvice

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