iOS 6 adoption rate reaches 93% for iPhones

chitika-1-130606A week before Apple is expected to announce iOS 7, Chitika has released some new numbers to show iOS distribution. Unlike Android and it’s newest iteration, “Jelly Bean,” which only has just over 30% distribution after almost a year since its release, iOS 6 has now reached nearly 93% for iPhones since its public release in September. iPhones running iOS 5 are only at 5.5%, while those below are at a mere 1.8%. chitika-2-130606When it comes to iPads, almost 83% of them are running iOS 6, while 13.4% remain on iOS 5. These surveys each include devices that are unable to run iOS 6, however, so if you were to take those out, nearly all devices able to run iOS 6 would most likely be running it. Such as for the iPad chart, it includes the original iPad, which is not able to run iOS 6, only being updated to iOS 5.

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Via: AppleInsider, Chitika


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