Happy Birthday iPhone! 6 years since it landed in stores, what’s changed? [Gallery]


6 years ago today, the iPhone first landed on store shelves in the U.S. and since then the growth has been phenomenal. Although the original device didn’t sell anywhere near as well as later devices, it was the one phone that tranformed the smartphone landscape for ever. Its intuitive operating system, ergonomic and classy design and feature list were impressive. Sure, it couldn’t send MMS messages or record video, but that didn’t matter. It was awesome.

It’s growth over the last 6 years has seemed slow at times, but I think we can all agree that between the original iPhone and the iPhone 5, Apple’s done a great job of gradually refining every aspect of the device. Below is a gallery showing the differences in design between the iPhone and the iPhone 5. Enjoy.

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    Cam you take GREAT care of your iDevices I mean look at the 2G. Its the definition of beautiful I mean the aluminium back it just looks sooo good. :)


    Oh and your iPhone 5 and iOS 7. Just astonishing. :)

  • shoesmith81

    I didn’t junp on the iphone until the iPhone 3G. Still have no burning desire to move away from iPhone.
    Spent a lot of cash on apps and organising my personal and work life through Apple.

  • Hey Cam,
    Its not just how the iPhone has come on – its how its always stayed (or tried to stay) 1 or 2 steps ahead of the competition, and how the competition has been trying to play catch up.  Despite all the mooted ‘iPhone killer’ phones that have come out, none have.  That speaks volumes for the Apple crew’s design skills