AT&T now allowing FaceTime over cellular


According to AppleInsider, AT&T has begun a nationwide rollout of allowing users to (finally) use FaceTime over its cellular network. The rollout allows users to use FaceTime on both LTE and HSPA+ networks, even for users that are still using the old unlimited plans.

This new rollout by AT&T comes just a few weeks after the network promised to allow Apple’s video chat service over the network. The company also announced that it would allow all video-chat services to work over the network by the end of the year. The rollout, which is apparently completed in parts of New York, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, California and Hawaii, seems well ahead of schedule with users already reporting that they can use FaceTime over LTE.

While FaceTime over cellular data was introduced in iOS 6, AT&T has been slow to adopt the feature. The network originally rolled out the ability to video chat to just their Mobile Share and tiered data subscribers, but recently the network had a change of heart and is expanding the service to all users. The company has not made an announcement of the nationwide rollout yet.

Are any of you excited for this? For AT&T users, do you have access to FaceTime over cellular yet, or are you still waiting for the feature? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: AppleInsider

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  • About time…

  • GT_AnimE

    I have AT&T with unlimited, no letting me turn on option as of today, ill keep an ear out for att’s announcement