Asymco estimates Apple users spend more on apps than music

An Asymco analyst has made some incredibly interesting estimations about Apple’s App Store and iTunes figures.

According to Horace Dediu, iTunes accounts for 3/4 of all digital music sales, a cool $6.9 billion of the markets total worth of $9.3 billion. However, Apple’s domination of the digital music industry has been a well-established monopoly for a very long time, the more surprising figures come in the other areas of digital content.

Apple has sold 380 million movies, and 1b TB shows, a staggering amount of footage. Yet even more impressive is the App Store.

The overall picture of iTunes is becoming clearer every day. We have more information about number of users (575 million), what they spend on media and software and services ($20 billion/yr.) and, increasingly what they spend on each media type (about $9/yr on Software, $2/yr on books, $16/yr on apps $12/yr on music and $4/yr on video.)

It’s astonishing to think that the average iTunes user only spends $12 a year on music. However this is most likely down to a couple of factors. Firstly, the exponential growth in streaming services and their popularity, and secondly, music piracy.


As you can see from published figures, the App Store has seen the most impressive growth since its inception in 2008. Particularly more recently, where growth has exploded in the last twelve months. Despite this, all of Apple’s digital content is enjoying healthy and sustained growth. This will only continue as Apple takes over the world expands its user base by selling more devices.

Via: 9to5 Mac



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