Apple to appeal iPhone and iPad import bans

1st gen iPad

Unsurprisingly, after news that Samsung had successfully managed to get older 3G versions of the iPad and iPhone banned from being imported to the States, Apple has stated that it will appeal the decision and that it is extremely disappointed with the result.

Apple spokesperson, Kristin Huguet told AllThingsD:

“We are disappointed that the Commission has overturned an earlier ruling and we plan to appeal. Today’s decision has no impact on the availability of Apple products in the United States. Samsung is using a strategy which has been rejected by courts and regulators around the world. They’ve admitted that it’s against the interests of consumers in Europe and elsewhere, yet here in the United States Samsung continues to try to block the sale of Apple products by using patents they agreed to license to anyone for a reasonable fee.”

Unlike the patents Apple attempts to protect in court, Samsung’s standards essential patents and technology should be license-able, and it’s incredible strange to see products banned from importation for infringing on these kinds of patents.

Meanwhile, Samsung gloated:

“We believe the ITC’s Final Determination has confirmed Apple’s history of free-riding on Samsung’s technological innovations. Our decades of research and development in mobile technologies will continue, and we will continue to offer innovative products to consumers in the United States.”

Since it’s only the older products using Samsung’s 3G technologies that are affected, Apple should see to much of a drop in income or sales. And, with the next generation of devices on their way very soon, they’ll almost be obsolete.

Via: AllThingsD

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