Top 5 Stories This Week: Stunning iOS 7 and iPhone 6 concepts, Siri vs. S-Voice and more…

Top 5 Stories

This week has certainly been an interesting one here at TiP HQ. I took delivery of a Galaxy S4 to try, and there’s been a good selection of rumors, news, and a couple of breath-taking concepts. With WWDC 2013 only a month away now, interest in Apple’s next generation hardware and software products is increasing. What will Apple’s chiefs unveil at Moscone West next month? Let’s hope the first story in our top 5 is somewhat close to the truth. (As always, the headlines are the links to the original stories.)

1. Beautiful iOS 7 concept visualizes new flat and clean look

We only published this piece yesterday, and it took very little time to gain interest from tech fans across the world. A concept was published on YouTube, and nothing so far has come as close to my idea of what an iOS refresh should look like. It has flat, clean icons, beautiful new default app design and a more functional Notification Center. If you see one concept between now and iOS 7’s launch, make sure it’s this one.

2.iPhone 6 concept imagines larger, thinner device with touch sensitive Home Button and 12MP camera [Video]

Yet another concept, but this time it’s the hardware to go along with the prefect OS. Unlike some crazy and unrealistic concepts, this one features a similar design to the iPhone 5 but with a much larger and slimmer body, big display and capacitive track-pad area below the display to replace the old-school Home Button.

3.2013 will be the year of multiple iPhone sizes and colors says former Apple ad chief, Segall

Ken Segall is Apple’s former advertisement guru and knows a huge amount about how the company works and thinks. He draws parallels between when the iPod first launched and the time it took the world by storm. It took a few years for the range to include the multi-colored devices in a host of sizes to appear, and he thinks now is the time for our favorite fruit company to do the same with the iPhone.

4.Check out how the iPhone’s camera has improved since 2007 [Photos]

An interesting comparison was posted on Reddit showing how the cameras on the iPhone have improved over the years. The difference is quite staggering. We’ve come a very long way since the original iPhone in 2007.

5.Production on iPhone 5S screens from Sharp to begin in June

Last, but not least, speculation from sources near the supply chain have stated that Sharp will begin producing displays for the iPhone 5S in June. If that’s the case, we likely won’t see the complete device until September/October time, fitting in nicely with most observers’ expectations.


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