Top 5 Stories This Week: iOS 7 rumors, AL13 bumper release and low-cost iPhone tales

Top 5 stories

One topic has dominated the iOS news this week: iOS 7. There was a handful of iOS 7 rumors flying around, so to save you from having to catch up on speculation only, we’ve condensed those under one headline to ensure you get your regular weekend catch up with some variety. As always, the headlines are the links to the original articles.

1. iOS 7 rumors

This week was a busy one for spinners of iOS 7 rumors. From what it was going to look like through to when it was going to be released, we’ve heard it. While one piece of debatable speculation on release stated that Jony Ive’s vision was going to push it back, another from a more reliable source stated that it was going ahead as planned and should be ready “on time”. When that is we’re not sure. We’re guessing it’ll be previewed at WWDC in June, and released in September/October.

Rumor: iOS 7 will have a “very flat” new look

Jony Ive’s iOS 7 redesign likely to cause launch delay according to latest report

Rumor: iOS 7 “should ship on time” as more engineers are added to the team

2. New aluminum AL13 bumper for iPhone now for sale

It’s unusual for an accessory release to make it in to our most popular stories this week, and even if I’d put all the iOS 7 rumors in order of popularity, this aluminum AL13 bumper case release would still be sitting pretty in 2nd place. It’s a stunning looking all-metal bumper for iPhone 5 and is available to order now.

3. iOS 6.1.4 released for iPhone 5, speakerphone audio updated

Although it wasn’t a major release, the latest delta update to iOS 6 arrived this week, but only for iPhone 5, to address issues with speakerphone quality.

4. Low-cost iPhone could be closer to mid-range, and steal huge market share from Samsung

I have to be clear, I’m still not 100% convinced we’re going to see a low-cost iPhone. But, if we do, it’ll almost certainly follow a pattern previously set by Apple and outlined in this post. It’s much more likely to come in at the $300-$400 price range than under $200.

5. Stolen credit card used in “coffee with Tim Cook” charity auction

The CharityBuzz auction set up to “sell” a 90 minute coffee with Apple’s CEO has seen unprecedented interest. It’s more than toppled the previous record set by Bill Clinton, and has surpassed the $500,000 mark quite comfortably.


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