Stolen credit card used in “coffee with Tim Cook” charity auction

2013-05-01_12-33-08-642x349Ever checked your credit card spending and saw that you somehow placed a $605,000 bid to have coffee with Tim Cook? Yeah, me neither. But one person did. According to Fortune, the credit card used to place the $605,000 bid on the auction for coffee with Apple’s CEO was actually a stolen credit card. The $605,000 bid was the highest bid until it randomly dropped back to $600,000, where it stands now. According to the report from Fortune, the reason is CharityBuzz found something suspicious about the card used in the bet that added $5,000 to the top bid, and ended up finding out that it was indeed used fraudulently. If you have over $600,000 lying around and would like to have coffee with Tim Cook, the auction doesn’t end until May 14th. You can go check that out here: CharityBuzz.

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Via: AppAdvice, Fortune

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