Samsung to pass Apple in mobile device profits?

SamsungvsAppleCourt battle after court battle, and Samsung and Apple are finally taking it on the field – or the handset market, I should say. The New York Times is reporting that Samsung may be in the position to actually surpass Apple in terms of profits this next coming quarter. Analysts are saying that because of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4, and Apple’s waning iPhone sales, that Samsung could potentially jump Apple in terms of profit this coming quarter. However, it isn’t certain whether this will be a temporary jump or if Samsung will just keep increasing.

Last year in Q1, Apple brought in an astonishing 74 percent of the profit, while Samsung brought in 26 (yes, adding those is 100, that is how minuscule other companies’ mobile device profits are). This year’s Q1, however, showed Apple taking 57 and Samsung taking 43. That’s a huge increase on Samsung’s part, or a huge loss on Apple’s depending on how you look at it. Apple is expected to release a cheaper iPhone at some point, and that is what it probably hopes will keep it at the top, as Samsung is winning in the emerging markets.

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Via: NYTimes


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