Penultimate update brings Premium features and new capabilities

Sometimes, typing just doesn’t cut it, but Penultimate for iPad is ready for when you want to put your ideas to tablet through the medium of a pen.

Today, Penultimate for iPad has received an update bringing some cool Premium features and other new capabilities. Penultimate is now smarter, for example, suggesting notebook titles based on your location and calendar events at the time of writing, notebook covers are now more helpful, and they’ll give you the name of the place where you last made updates to the content.


Penultimate now offers more control over syncing, where you can pause syncing in case of travelling or because you want to conserve data, you can also make sure Penultimate only syncs over Wi-Fi.

There’s now a new Evernote Premium subscription which brings unlimited access to the Paper Shop, and a passcode specifically for the PenultimateĀ app. Not only will you have unlimited access to lined, graph and plain paper, you’ll also be able to protect your writings from other users of your iPad.


Premium users can also create more and larger notebooks, they’ll also receive faster support, and quicker processing of handwritten searches.

Via: Evernote

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