Pebble smartwatch now communicates with apps

An update to the Pebble smartwatch has today enabled two-way communication between the device and smartphone apps.

Following the massive success of the device on Kickstarter, Pebble is trying to encourage developers to create “watchapps”, which can both send and receive data from smartphone apps. Such a feature would greatly increase the capabilities of the device, allowing users to make inputs into their phone, as well as receive information.  Prior to this apps could only access the Pebble’s basic functions.


The new feature could allow all sorts of new possibilities in the future, for example: displaying data from the internet on the watch face, remote controlling internet connected devices, multi-player Pebble games, check-ins to 4sq, Facebook and Yelp, Sports, weather and traffic updates, emergency beacon activation, sports features for skiing and hiking, and Bitcoin price tracking.

As far as iOS is concerned, creating Pebble enabled apps is a little trickier than Android because Pebble will need to approve iOS apps from developers before they are enabled. However, once that process is smoothed over, then we will definitely begin to see some iOS apps tailored to the functionality of the Pebble.

Via: Cult of Android


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