New iPhone discounts being debuted by Apple to help gain marketshare in India

iphone-indiaApple constantly is doing new things and trying new methods of gaining marketshare in India, the second most populous country in the world. In a new one of these attempts, Apple has begun offering discounts to those who bring in their old smartphones, and now offers a larger discounts if you are a student. If you are a student who trades in their old smartphone, you will get 7,777 rupees ($144) of a new iPhone, and on the other hand, non-students get 7,000 rupees ($130) off. Another way to get discounted is if you use an American Express card, you can be refunded 6,000 rupees ($111) with the purchase of an iPhone, but that is only running through June 10 and you must make the purchase using one of the available installment plans.

Markets like that of India and other emerging markets are where the rumors of Apple releasing a “cheaper iPhone” have come from. With such a device, Apple would have a much better chance at penetrating such markets, where as right now the off-contract iPhones are just much too expensive for many in these areas. Apple also has no Apple Stores in India because of regulations, but instead uses resellers, which it plans to increase 3-fold over the next few years.

What do you think? Are you an iPhone user in India? What should Apple do to increase sales there? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppleInsider, ZDNet


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  • Birju

    I recently traded my old dumb iPhone 3G and got ₹.7000 ($130) off on my new iphone 4. I knw iphone 4 is also outdated but i was getting a really good discount on my old iphone 3G so i traded in.
    This scheme is going on since last 4-5 weeks and almost all retailers in India are hving either low stock or no stock of iPhone 4 as lots of people are trading their outdated smartphones for a really good price (discount). Few retailers are offering as much as Rs. 11000 ($220) off.
    But my 2 cents on indian smartphone market and apple’s strategy:
    Young working class of india is growing rich nd hv money to spend. Bt not as much as $799 (iphone 5). Indian consumers are hughly driven by cost. So when Samsung offers cheap alternatives in range of ($400-600), youngsters go for it. No wonder android/Samsung are market leaders in india hvng roughly (56%) of smartphone market share whereas iOS is struggling with approx (15%) share.
    The critical issue for apple (in india) is to address the magical price point around $300-350(max). If apple manages to catch this price with the upcoming new “low budget” iphone than we can see some really good things happening to apple in india. But i fear apple is extremely late in our currenlty burning-hot-smartphone-market…
    In Q1 of 2013, for the first time in india, smartphone sales have overtook feature phone sales. Pls mind it, we are talking about roughly 800 milliions of Indian telecom subscribers. So imagine how big the figure would be and imagine how much profit samsung has taken home duing this Q1 only. So apple is extremely late in india and will remain behind bcos new low budget iphone wil be announced in June which Will be available in india around Sept-Oct, so two imp quarters of amazing smartphone business will be eaten by samsung and others.
    Also, We very much envy The way apple pampers chinese market whereas we constantly get cold treatment. It might be because of our regulations are screwed up but apple’s general notion for india is very discouraging. Its time now Apple must start taking Indian market quite serioulsy for various reasons.
    The last point i want to add is about need of few changes in purchasing mechanism in apple ecosystem. Apple wants all purchases thorugh credit card in iOS & its a huge problem here. We have around 10-15% of active credit cards and most of the card holders are very resistant to add their cards with apple. Also itunes gift cards is nowhere available here. I highly favour some kind of pre-paid payment mechanism in upcoming ios for at least emerging markets like india, china etc.
    Bottom line: to gain globle market share again, Apple must not neglect indian smartphone segment anymore. & apple’s last hope is upcoming low budget iphone. Time will tell.

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