New iOS 7 concept featuring flatter design, new Siri features, Quick Reply and more… [video]

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Yep! Ran Avni has been at it again, designing yet another concept to whet our appetites and get us even more over-excited about WWDC 2013 than we already are. The latest concept for iOS was designed in partnership with Christian Lue and features a whole host of changes to our iOS, but without taking away any of its “iOS-ness”.

From the start you can see some delicate tweaking to the user interface. The icons are the same shape: squares with rounded corners, but with much flatter and gloss-free finishing. As well as that, the default font styles and typefaces have been changed a little, and the blue color within has changed a little. The font almost reminds my of the new Microsoft Outlook, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

On the features list, the biggest improvement imagined by Ran and Christian involves Siri’s promotion to full-on digital butler. In the imaginations of the designers, Siri will be able to order you pizzas and taxis as well as perform wake up rituals from setting alarms to playing a specific playlist, song, or album as well as reading you the latest news.

On top of that, it features a BiteSMS inspired Quick Reply system which I really like, and really hope Apple is at least considering.

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  • Ran Avni

    Thank you Cam:)

  • TiP_Cam

    @Ran Avni No worries.. now how about you get rid of that Redmond Pie logo and replace it with ours? ;-)  (kidding)

  • Ran Avni

    @TiP_Cam This is something to think about :)