Kēvo, a new iPhone controlled lock, announced by Kwikset


The technology automated house is right around the corner. Companies recently have been building everything to have the ability to be controlled by phones, whether it be thermostats, or even light bulbs. Today, Kwikset has added door locks to the list.

Kwikset announced today, its new product, dubbed Kēvo, which is a deadbolt that can also be controlled by an iPhone. The lock uses Bluetooth to connect to a device, and if the device is recognized by the lock, the user can simply touch the deadbolt to unlock the door. The new system also works with a key fob. The accompanying app will also allow owners to send “electronic keys” to others to give them the ability to unlock the door. In addition to standard encryptions, Kwikset has also added military grade encryption to the lock to prevent unwanted iPhone users from entering your home.

The company did not release a price or release date, but for those looking to fully automate their homes, this is a must have piece of technology. For more information, be sure to head on over to Kwikset’s website. Would you automate your house and switch to high tech, Bluetooth locks on your doors? Why or why not? Leave a comment below!

Source: AppAdvice

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