Hitcase releases MotoR and RollR handlebar and tube attachments to help capture awesome biking footage

Vancouver-based sports activity accessory maker Hitcase has today released two brand new iPhone accessories, designed to help you capture the best cycling footage possible.

The two products are the MotoR and the RollR, both designed to mount onto your bikes handlebars and tubes for “optimal iPhone photography and videography”.  The two mounts are designed to work in conjunction with the Hitcase and Hitcase Pro, both of which are rugged, waterproof cameras designed for adventure sports such as mountain biking. The MotoR and the RollR will help specialise these products further, enabling you to capture POV footage from your bike, rather than your helmet.


The two mounts utilise Hitcase’s Railslide technology, which has an auto-locking feature and a one-button trigger release to make for seamless shifting and adjustments, particularly useful if you find yourself at the mercy of the elements.

The MotoR for Hitcase is designed for your handlebars, and fits tubes from 0.5 to 1.25″ in diameter. It features a metal ball and socket design to allow for angle adjustments, making the mount very flexible indeed. The MotoR, which is the smaller of the two, is perfect for Motocross, Downhill mountain biking, ATV racing, Snowmobiles and motorcycles, and is available for just $39.99.


The RollR mount for Hitcase is a slightly larger mount, which uses a V-base saddle and hose clamp configuration. This makes it more suited for larger tubes and irregular frames, from 1″ up to 2.1″ in diameter.  The RollR features 2 ball joints and a single clamp, which can be independently adjusted. Available for $44.99, the RollR is more suited to use with rollbars and cages, tubes, sports racks on automobiles, airplane landing gear, ATV racks, poles and larger handlebars.


To use these two mounts, you’ll want to pick up the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5. It’s water and shockproof, and features a wide-angle lens, tripling your iPhone’s field of view. Its patent-pending ShockSeal technology protects your iPhone from the weather and from impact, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Hitcase pro is even more impressive when paired with Vidometer, a free app which allows you to add overlays recording speed, altitude, G-force and more whilst you ride, giving users the option to share straight to Facebook and Youtube.

Set to debut at CTIA, the MotoR and RollR are certainly fantastic additions to Hitcase’s already impressive line up of outdoor accessories for iPhone!

For more information, head over to Hitcase.com, and check them out on Facebook too!


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