Heads Up! comes to iPhone courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres Show

Courtesy of the Ellen DeGeneres show, Heads Up!, the game created for the Ellen DeGeneres show, has now made it to iOS.

The app is an electronic version of the popular game in which players have a celebrity name stuck to their forehead, and must ask questions in order to guess who they are. Ellen repeatedly used the app created for her show to challenge guests, and now, the app is available on iOS for everyone to use!

Heads Up!  has 8 categories, including celebrities, movies, animals, accents and characters. You have 60 seconds to guess the word, guess correctly, and you can tilt your device down to move on to the next guess, if you don’t know the answer, tilt upwards to pass. Simple!

Whats Up 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

The coolest feature of the app is the reaction recorder, which uses your iPhone’s front facing to record the reactions of your friends as you play, allowing you to share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Heads Up! is available for iPhone and iPad for 99 cents! App Store

Via: iDownloadBlog

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