Google brings together Drive, Gmail and Google+ to offer unified storage

Google has announced its new storage configuration for its online services, bringing together Drive, Gmail and Google+ in one place, with 15GB of storage absolutely free.

The unified storage now suits users who perhaps use very little Gmail storage, but are more active on Drive and Google+. The unified storage means that users are no longer restricted to 10GB for Gmail and 5GB for Drive and Google+. There are also some updates to the Google Drive storage page to mage storage management easier. From here, you can also upgrade your storage plan, with 100GB going for $4.99 a month, and 200GB for $9.99, this also means that you’re no longer limited to 25GB of upgrade storage in Gmail.

The changes are going to roll out over the next couple of weeks, and will be available to you, Google app users. Because we know a good chunk of you like to use the Google platform on your iOS device, we thought it was only fair to share this with you.

Via: Google Drive Blog]



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