Apple stopping movie trailer downloads?


Apple’s movie trailer service has been around for a very long time. In fact, I’m sure I remember downloading them on to my old iPod classic before the days of proper smartphones and fast streaming. Why? Because if I could be writing about anything other than iDevices for a living, it’d be movies. I studied them for three years at university, and any time I can squeeze in a couple of hours for movie watching, I take it. Simply put: I love films. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I read today’s news.

It seems that any movie trailer uploaded after May 22nd no longer gives users the option to download the trailers. Instead, we now only have the the ‘Watch Now’ choice. No more downloading for watching later. It’s streaming or nothing. What’s more, there’s no choice for 1080p anymore. So, if you have a full HD monitor on your computer, you can only use 720 of its lines… Bad rap Apple, bad rap.

It doesn’t stop there either. Apple is actively removing the download option from trailers that used to have it available. Let’s say the movie Monsters University had three trailers available before May 22nd, and all were available to download, if a new trailer is launched after that date, all the previous trailers also have downloads disabled. Sucks right?





Let us know how you feel about this change to our beloved trailers service. Are you disappointed? Or couldn’t you care less?

Source: MacRumors
Via: iDB

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  • dryver8

    Movie studios control

  • notlikingit

    Yep, more absolute control by the studios. Now they’re even holding on tight to *trailers*. How pathetic. Also, not everyone has a 40 Mbps line, so it’s impossible to stream anything large.

  • CaptainHotTight

    Pathetic indeed. It’s only freaking trailers! You said this was news, where did you read it? What is the official explanation behind this? And do you recommend another site that offers the same supply?  There is for example    I don’t know if it’s as good…

  • ElectriCole

    40, ha! i get 60.

  • Thomas J

    You can use which allows you to download the videos directly. No additional plugins or software is required.