Apple CFO gets $69 million for 2012

Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer was awarded just shy of $69 million for his performance in 2012, a figure 16 times larger than Tim Cook’s compensation for the same year.

Oppenheimer’s pay was mostly made up of  stock grants, and was a significantly greater sum than is nearest salary rival, Oracle’s Safra Catz. With Oppenheimer in charge of the coffers, Apple’s big pile of money swelled to around $120 billion, with Oppenheimer keeping 2/3 of Apple’s holdings outside the U.S, saving billions in corporation tax. He also saved Apple a further $9.2 billion by borrowing against Apple’s cash position, rather than repatriating overseas holding.

Oppenheimer has served as Apple CFO since 2004. And I think its safe to say, he’s rather good at his job.


Via: Apple Insider


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