Apple accuses Samsung Galaxy S4 of infringing on 5 of its patents


Apple taking Samsung to court has become a long drawn-out affair, spread across multiple countries and a host of individual lawsuits. In the most recent cases against its Korean foe, Apple accuses the company of infringing on 5 specific patents with the latest flagship, the Galaxy S4.

Thankfully, Samsung’s seen sense and hasn’t released a phone or user interface that looks similar to an iDevice. The patents infringed upon are the following:

  • “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system” (8,086,604 and 6,847,959)
  • “graphical user interface using historical lists with field classes” (5,666,502)
  • ”asynchronous data synchronization amongst devices” (5,946,648)
  • ”system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data” (7,761,414)

The fifth of those is one also it also accused HTC of infringing, a case which ended in the two companies agreeing a multi-million dollar settlement and agreeing a 10-year licensing deal. Along with the Galaxy S4, Apple also alleges that Google Now is also infringing on one of its unified search box patent.

We’ll undoubtedly hear at some point how this develops, but I wouldn’t expect any real definitive judgement for a few years at least.

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Source: FOSS Patents


13-05-21 Apple Motion to Amend Infringement Contentions

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  • BrainRoopull


  • mahirh

    It took them this long to find excuses to sue Samsung? Thats redickulous anus.

  • jay44

    Poor apple..they are going backwards now..they were almost on top of that hill but now..just falling down. What a shame. You guys have decent stuff I’ll give you that but when you can’t win you just cry and sue them. You sound like a neighbor of mine. lol..smh

  • xpexpert

    I only see 4 patents listed and your sentence after the patents should be “The fifth of those is one Apple also accused HTC of infringing…”

  • Ceedlorenzo

    Apple wants the technology for themselves only so they can sell it at the highest price that they wouldn’t even care for those who cannot afford such over valued piece of information that supposed to be free for all people. This essentially degrades further learning because of too much concentration on BUSINESS and ECONOMICS not to mention TECHNICALITIES of things. Ugh!

  • Ceedlorenzo

    Im never buying or have i ever bought any apple products today and in the future! :p

  • TiP_Cam

    @xpexpert The first one includes two patent numbers…

  • borillion

    “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system” Like seriously? Can you even get more basic functionality for a UI? Thats essentially what a UI is.

  • samichaels96

    The sad thing is that most of those “patents”, specifically the ”asynchronous data synchronization amongst devices”, is from Google and not Samsung. Apple needs to choke up the courage to take on a company that just might be as big, if not bigger than, they are. They also need to stop trying to eliminate the competition and trying to get a patent on everything there is to do with mobile devices.

  • chuynh47

    @xpexpert Apple also alleges that Google Now is also infringing on one of its unified search box patent. this is the fifth its worded pretty weird

  • jabombardier

    a total whatever to these patent lawsuits.