Share hundreds of photos via text in minutes with AlbumShare [Review]

AlbumShare iOS

If you’ve ever tried to share multiple photos via text message, there’s an easier way — one that doesn’t require you to create an account on a social network or file-sharing service. AlbumShare makes it possible to share large batches of photos from your iPhone in a few simple steps.

Sending multiple photos via text isn’t necessarily hard to do but it can be an annoying process, especially if there are several photos in your queue. Every other part of your iPhone is designed to improve your efficiency and help you save time, so it’s quite surprising that there isn’t already an option like this.

With AlbumShare, you can share hundreds of photos in minutes with very minimal clicks and loading times. Although you don’t have to create an account, you will be asked to verify your phone via text message. After a couple of taps, you’re ready to get started by creating your first album. You can pull photos from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or Instagram. Just tap on the individual photos you’d like to include and you’re done.


Once the photos have uploaded, which doesn’t take much time at all, you can share the album with your contacts. Similar to selecting your photos, choosing which contacts to share with is also an extremely easy process. My only wish is that there was an extra step between selecting who to send to and the actual sending process, or at least a way to edit the message AlbumShare sends to those who don’t yet have the app installed.

The text message is sent from a random number that isn’t mine, so my friends thought that the text was spam until I clarified. If they would have clicked on the link included in the text, a page would open in their browser displaying my pictures as well as prompts to download and install the app. But honestly, how many people click on links sent from phone numbers they don’t recognize?


If recipients already have the app installed, they can add their own photos to the album, which would make for a fun collaborative experience. Imagine how easy it’d be to share photos from concerts, sports events, or even birthday parties. Other than the text copy issue, I really enjoyed using AlbumShare and would recommend it to any of my photo-sharing friends.


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