Survey claims Galaxy line is new king of simplicity

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When first-time smartphone buyers are looking into new phones, they are often looking for something simple. The easier the phone is to learn, the better it is for newcomers to the smartphone world. The king of simplicity recently has been Apple’s iPhone. It’s sometimes been called the “smartphone for dummies” due to its simple interface that includes icons for each app, and minimal menu navigation required.

This was considered extremely simplistic because when Android was gaining popularity, it was known as the operating system for nerds. Android was the hackable, and customizable OS built with many options and even more menus. Since the original days of Android, the iPhone has been seen as the clear pick when it comes to finding a simple smartphone. According to a recent survey by Siegel+Gale, the iPhone is no longer seen as the most simple device.

Over the last two to three years, Samsung has made incredible strides in the smartphone industry. The Galaxy line of phones is seen as one of the best available, and is often seen as the top Android line of smartphones. However, it is still seen as the more advanced, and more difficult to learn, version of the iPhone. According to the survey, however, users no longer believe that this is the case. The users believe that the ability to use any Android app on the Galaxy line increases simplicity, and they also believe that a key part in Samsung’s success in the survey is due to¬†“easy-to-use advanced features — from high-speed file transfers to instant photo-tagging and sharing — making it simpler for users to share information.”

Although the Galaxy phones beat out the iPhone, it is worth noting that Apple was ranked as more simplistic than Samsung on the overall company ratings, where Google took the top place. Siegel+Gale believes that due to the more extensive list of features and the proven advantage in simplicity, the Galaxy line could take over the iPhone for the best smartphone line in the world.

Do you think that the Samsung Galaxy phones are simpler than iPhones, or do you still believe that the iPhone, and more specifically iOS, is the king of simplicity? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Source: CNET

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  • jabombardier

    I find both phones equally easy to use I will say that touch wiz and android in general has more convenient touch gestures that allow you to do things without going out of an app to enter another one. I. E. while in text messages, you can swip right to make a call or swipe left to make a phone call without closing out the app to go to the phone app.

  • Guest911

    Hahahahaha – so Samsung is now for old people?

  • The phone itself may be getting simpler to use, but Samsung doesn’t have the same quality of ecosystem that Apple does. Quality Android apps don’t fall from the sky, and there isn’t an equally impressive tablet to work well with their Galaxy phone line.