Panic launches Status Board for iPad: Get all the information you need on one screen

Status Board

Over the past week or so, I’ve become increasingly aware of one app: Status Board by Panic. It’s essentially an app that uses your iPad’s display and turns it in to a dashboard showing you all the information you could possibly need. Whether its calendar appointments, weather, tweets, emails, news, or anything else, it’ll show it. If you work in an organization where you need everyone to have the same configuration and information, you can even share the way you’ve customized it with your co-workers/employees. And frankly, it looks like it has the potential to be this year’s big hit app.

Full details from the App Store description:


You’ve got data. Status Board makes it beautiful.

Use the easy built-in panels to automatically see data about your life: calendar, tweets, e-mail, weather, news, and more. Or, use the pro panels, Graph and Table, with your own customized data sources, to see relevant data about your business or organization.

Status Board offers a lot in a tiny package:

✔ Six Instant Panels
Clock — Analog or digital, anywhere in the world.
Weather — Temperature and four-day forecast.
Calendar — Pick a calendar and see your appointments at a glance.
Mail — Get messages counts, or see the latest Subject lines.
Twitter — See the latest Tweets or the volume of tweets.
Feeds — The latest headlines from your favorite sites.

✔ Three Pro Panels
Graph — You provide the JSON or CSV data source, we make it beautiful.
Table — Toss us some HTML or CSV data and we’ll make a nice looking table.
Do-It-Yourself — Design your own panels using HTML.

✔ Unbelievable Customization
Resize panels. Easily change your layout. Portrait or Landscape. Select data sources to display, configure how they’re presented. The power is yours.

✔ Easy Board Sharing
Easily e-mail a Status Board configuration to colleagues or corporations and get everyone on the exact same page.

✔ Full-Screen External Display via HDMI or AirPlay — In-App Purchase. LAUNCH SPECIAL!*
Put your data on a big, beautiful screen, formatted specifically for HDTV’s. No letterboxing!

Needless to say, we’ll be downloading this so we can review it for you. At $9.99 it’s not a cheap app, but early reviews have been very good, although it’s not without its bugs that need squashing.

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  • mcoutts81

    Downloaded this morning when it became available. £6.99 ($9.99) is quite a price but is in line with the rest of Panic app pricing which seems to be in the premium bracket. Lovely looking app, easy to use and powerful but I think it may have too steep a learning curve for the casual user.