New OtterBox Defender with iON Intelligence knows when to charge your iPhone, and does it automatically

Otterbox iON featureOtterBox is a company well-known for its protective iPhone cases. The Defender series in particular has been the manufacturer’s biggest success, making it the most popular case manufacturer on the market. If you thought it couldn’t get any better for OtterBox, it has now. The Defender Series has just been given an amazing new lease of life with the ‘Defender with iON Intelligence’. Think: a smart battery pack coupled with the Defender.

Otterbox iON 2

The iON Intelligence isn’t just a gimmicky brand name, it actually means something. The battery pack-equipped Defender has the intelligence to know exactly when your iPhone 4/4S needs charging and does it. It automatically charges your phone up to 100% (or for two hours) and stops. Once your iPhone drops below 60% it kicks in again, and refuels your device. A companion app ensures that you can keep an accurate look at how both your iPhone’s battery and the case’s battery are doing. There’s also a strip of 10 LED lights along the bottom of the case to let you know how much backup charge you have remaining. Once it runs flat, plug it in to an outlet using the usual Micro-USB cable and begin the cycle again.

About the iON Intelligence app:

The iON Intelligence software is an app that estimates battery power and predicts battery time remaining by monitoring device usage habits. This app eliminates guesswork by clearly displaying the power status for both the case and device and intelligently predicts when the phone battery will run out. The iON Intelligence app monitors and incorporates many different factors to create the most accurate, personalised power profile possible. Over time, iON Intelligence learns about power usage patterns and improves its accuracy. The more it’s used, the better it gets.

The case is currently only available for iPhone 4/4S, and costs a handsome $129.99 over at Personally, I can’t wait to try it out, because if the press release is anything to go by this is the most intelligent and protective backup battery pack on the market.

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