New iOS 7 concept redesigns stock iOS apps, Notification Center and makes Lock Screen more customizable

We’ve seen a fair few iOS 7 concepts over the past weeks. Heck, we’ve even had a go at creating our own. But few have come close to the practicality and stylish design seen in the video above. Rafael Justino has just posted his idea of the perfect update to YouTube.

Among the changes are updated looks and features for some of the ever-present stock iOS apps like Clock, Weather and Compass. However, it’s the changes to Notification Center and Lock Screen which got me excited. Instead of having a whole list of updates beneath the particular app’s heading, each app gets its own drop-down menu within Notification Center. It makes for a much tidier and clutter-free look, but also means that you only need to see which notifications you actually want to. Slide down, and you get a ton of widgets. Love them or hate them, there’s clearly a section of society who can’t live without them. Adding them in Notification Center would certainly appease the few without annoying the others.

In the Lock Screen there are tons of changes too. It’s customizable in that it allows you to change the color of the background, and change its opacity as well as the color of the unlock “slider”. What I really liked was Justino added the ability to change app shortcuts. So instead of having camera as the default app when sliding upwards, you could have the Phone app, or Facebook for instance. While I doubt that Apple would ever implement something with so many security risks, I like the convenience of it nonetheless.

Let us know what you think of the concept in the comments below.


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  • KefffffinC1

    this is AMAZING!! i hope this is true

  • Jean

    The Notification Center looks just like Windows Mobile 6.5 on the HTC HD2.

  • mitchmelkonian

    While these additions and concepts are great, I feel as if these should have been added to iOS 6. They are tweaked designs but not a complete “Ive” redesign of iOS. I wouldn’t mind seeing these beautiful concepts put into iOS 6 like Apple added the lockscreen music controls. As iOS 7 is concerned, hopefully there will be a much more redesigned iOS.

  • Strohbi

    Apple should hire this guy right this minute!

  • seizeseptember

    Really like a lot of this, but would say that the Notification Centre concept isn’t REALLY a notification centre anymore, it’s widgets and could almost replace the whole iOS home screen with this implementation. Overall, really nice work though.

  • mharms1

    I imagine adding complexity to the lock screen would be a security nightmare.

  • MatteoRodrigo

    Looks like this person should go get an Android cuz that’s what it liked like