Latest Iron Man 3 game trailer unveiled by Gameloft [video]

We’ve already seen trailers of Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 video game, essentially showing off that it’s an “endless runner” format game. In fact, it’s very similar to Verticus by Stan Lee, except with Iron Man. The latest trailer shows off some of the suit upgrades you can expect to unlock during play as well as some exciting game play. I can’t wait.

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  • HiMyNameIsOften

    dannyfbailey bitchin! Be getting that one! Hurray for war machine

  • jprieto1105

    elfeochupy11 salvaje brother..

  • elfeochupy11

    jprieto1105 t lo dije mano !!

  • The suits look great. I can see how they intend to make money off of this.

  • NischalDhakal

    Well, the info in this article was too damn high.

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