Just Mobile Gum Max Duo: The battery pack with style and power [Review VID]

Just Mobile sent me its latest in charging technology around a month ago, just before I was heading off to CU Exposed in London. I’d tried one before, but this is the latest version. Boasting 11,200 mAh battery, a stunning aluminum design and two USB outputs (one fast, one slow), it looked the perfect charging solution for anyone carrying an iPad and an iPhone regularly.

Now, I can hardly live without it, and wouldn’t ever leave it at home if I was going on a long trip or – for instance – going camping. It has enough capacity to recharge your iPad around 80% of the way, and will charge your iPhone a few times over. But, thanks to the 2.4A output, your iPad will charge at the same speed as it would if it were plugged in to a wall adapter at home.

If that wasn’t enough, you can customize it by covering it with one of the compatible silicone skin covers. I like it a lot.

Product Link: http://www.just-mobile.eu/iphone/gum-max-duo.html

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