Rumor: iPhone 5S release won’t happen this summer, fingerprint sensor issues blamed for “delay”


The iPhone 5S release is expected to happen at some point this year, but, we’ve heard a couple of snippets stating that it will arrive a little later than Apple originally hoped. Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated a few of Apple’s yet-to-be released products were facing development difficulties.

Today, Reuters reports that the iPhone 5S is running a little behind schedule due to issues with implementing the fingerprint sensor.  Apparently “A supply chain source in Taiwan said Apple was trying to find a coating material that did not interfere with the fingerprint sensor, and this may be causing a delay.”

The mention of the iPhone 5S actually makes up a very small part of a report meant to paint a very bleak look at Apple’s future. According to all of the company’s suppliers and the stock market, Apple is losing its grip. It’s worth noting that this report just so happens to coincide with an Apple earnings call. An attempt to force AAPL stock further down? Perhaps.

I will say this: it’s not unusual for Apple to come in to difficulty with developing new technologies. After all, the company often tries to do things which are incredibly difficult to achieve. The iPhone 5’s fit and finish – for instance – is one of the most recent. Making a smaller iPad that cost less than $400 was another. Putting a fingerprint sensor inside a glass and aluminum phone was always going to be a challenge, and if this report is true, I’m happy to wait and see if Apple can do it.

Via: Reuters

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  • hippopwnamus

    a fingerprint sensor is probably to much of a gimmick to be implemented at this stage.

  • TiP_Cam

    @hippopwnamus I’m inclined to agree, unless it has a specific purpose, like authorizing mobile payments. For added security.