iPhone 4 & 4S get 25% price cut in Brazil


Apple has dropped the prices of both the iPhone 4 and 4S in Brazil, offering savings of 25%.

The moves comes as Apple looks to increase sales in its biggest market in South America. The price cut, which came into effect yesterday sees the price of the iPhone 4 drop to R$544 (269 USD) for the 8GB model, and the price of the iPhone 4S drop to R$840 (416 USD) for the 16GB model.

Currently, those two devices retail in the US (unsubsidized) for $450 (iPhone 4) and $549 (4S), so these are some pretty good savings to be had in Brazil right now. The move really puts pressure on Apple’s competitors in Brazil, where the Samsung Galaxy SII still retails for R$ 1,599 and the Motorola Razr for R$ 1,299.

It’s likely that Apple’s operations in conjunction with Foxconn in Brazil is at the heart of these price drops, as decreased shipping costs and tariffs are reduced, it was only a matter of time before Brazilian customers began to reap the rewards.


Via: Apple Insider

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  • JasonBaroni

    Both models still much expensive!