iOS bringing more ad spending than Android

Despite Androids much larger share of the smartphone market, it has emerged today that Apple’s iOS platform is drawing in more advertising spending than its Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured rival.

Mobile advertising spending is up compared to last years holiday quarter, and advertisers are favouring iOS over Android when it comes to spending.

mobile ad spend share by device

The monthly ad share for Apple’s iPhone grew by 12.4% in the last quarter, and the iPhone now accounts for 50 percent of all advertising spending in the market. In contrast, Android’s ad spending share was less than half that. Close behind was Apple’s iPad, which brought in 19% of the revenue, however iPad spending overall is down for the quarter. Similarly the iPod touch’s share is also down slightly, drawing in just 6.27%. Overall, Apple brought in 75 percent of mobile advertising spending in the last quarter.


Via: Apple Insider

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