Google Now alternative Osito launches for iPhone: looks promising

Google Now clones for iPhone aren’t scarce, but all available in some way fall short of properly replicating the Google Now experience.

Today, Osito, a free app for iPhone is launching. Developers hope to provide users with only the most essential information available in order to provide a clutter free, properly focused predictive intelligence service. Data available includes flight statuses, traffic updates, weather and more. Osito, much like Google Now, can access your location, calendar and email in order to provide you with relevant updates and notifications, it also promises a really excellent design.


Ceo Bill Ferrell claims that the app “doesn’t need to be on your home screen”, promising more of a seamless background service, rather than forcing the user to engage with an app, consuming their iPhone’s functionality. Osito is in the early stages of its development, and there is great promise of fantastic features that take this app beyond the capabilities of Google Now. Osito will be opned up to third-party developers, allowing users to create triggers, using Osito’s data to bring certain other actions into effect. For example, Ferrell’s device turns on all the lava lamps in his office when he arrives at work. It could also be used to send a text or a tweet when arriving at a specific location, it could allow Foursquare to bring up recommendations when you visit a new city.

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The early buzz around Osito suggests that it succeeds in many of the areas where other predictive intelligence apps have failed, and that despite some shortcomings in the early stages of its life, Osito promises to be a really interesting and successful Google Now alternative for iOS. Not only that, Osito’s “trigger system” promises to push Osito beyond the functionality of Google Now, a feature that could truly establish it as an app in its own right, rather than a simply Google Now alternative.


Via: The Verge

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  • jabombardier

    Downloading and trying this out.

  • DrewPage

    Looks cool, but I’d use this about as much as I use Siri.  Almost never.  Simply put, I can push icons and type much faster and more efficiently than a personal assistant of any type.

  • Just a superb, go for it and download as earlier as possible.. And make your business in your pocket.

  • jeremylsmallwood

    @DrewPage I’d agree with you, except this week I gave EASILYDO an honest try, and I was pretty impressed with what “could” be in the very near future.