Apple vs. Samsung court case set to resume in November


Judge Lucy Koh is a name many will be familiar with by now, as she has been the presiding judge in the ongoing major legal patent battle between the two tech giants, Apple and Samsung. At the back end of summer last year, Apple was judged to be owed over $1 billion in damages by Sammy, a figure which Judge Koh later stated wasn’t correct. In March, she slashed the figure down by over $450 million. Or, more to the point, she demanded that the jury go back and re-evaluate the awards for the devices which made up that $450 million.

The new trial to cover that sum has now been given an official date: November 12th. Well over a year after the initial decision was made. What that means – in essence – is that this case is far from over. There will undoubtedly be more twists and turns as patents are invalidated, and appeals are made. I’d be very surprised if Samsung had paid even a cent to Apple by this time next year.

Via: TheVerge

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